Considering Whether Or Not To Remove A Tree From Your Yard

Removing a large tree from your yard or property can be a big decision. If the tree has been there a long time you might not want to cut it down but there are times when removing the tree may be more an issue of safety than aesthetics. Making the decision is tough but if you have a concern about the tree, have a tree service evaluate it to determine the condition of the tree.

Assessing The Trees Condition

Trees that are not healthy can become a problem, especially if they hang over your home or garage. A tree that is not healthy can have limbs fall off or may even blow down in a large windstorm. The best option is to have the condition of the tree assessed by a professional. If the tree looks healthy outside but is not inside, you could be looking at an accident waiting to happen. An arborist or professional from a tree service is your best option for clear evaluation of the tree.

To Remove or Not To Remove the Tree

Once you have the report about the tree, you have to decide if you are going to have it removed or do something to preserve it. If the tree is dead, there is little you can do to keep it. In time, it will drop branches off the tree and fall. In some cases, a dead tree will stand in its original spot for years with not problem and yours may be one of these but the question remains, does safety play a part in your decision?  It should and the safety of you and your family far outweigh having a tree still in the yard.

Removing the tree

Once you have decided to remove the tree from the property, you will need someone with the right equipment to do the job efficiently and safely. A professional tree service is a way to go. They have the proper equipment and the staff that is trained and experienced with safe removal of large and small trees alike. Most tree services will come out and look at the tree and its surroundings then give you an estimate for the safe removal of the tree.

Disposing of The Wood

Once the tree has been cut down, it can be cut into firewood size logs and stacked to dry. It will not be long before it is ready to burn because a dead tree is already pretty dry inside. If you don't want the wood, the tree service can often chip the tree up and haul away the wood chips. In many cases, they will sell the chips for a profit to offset the cost of chipping and cleaning up the yard. If you want the wood, let them know so they don't chip it as they cut the tree. Once the tree has been cut, you can opt to have them remove the stump as well or bring in a stump grinding company to remove it later.

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