3 Important Reasons To Hire A Tree Stump Grinding Service

Are you thinking about having one or more trees cut down and removed from your property in the near future? Do you have a plan yet to deal with the stumps once the trees themselves are gone? For many people, the most obvious way to deal with a leftover stump is to have it dug up and removed from the ground. For other people, the stump may simply be left as-is until it starts to decay naturally. There is, however, a third option. Having the stump ground down has many advantages over either removing the stump or ignoring it. Some of the reasons why you want to consider this option include:

Safety: Digging up and removing a stump can be dangerous. Tree roots can be huge, something that may require you to have an enormous hole dug in your yard. Having a deep open hole on your property can be a serious hazard. Once the stump remnant has been cut free, getting it out of the hole is another tricky and dangerous proposition. If you simply ignore the stump, on the other hand, you've still got a tripping hazard on your property. A tree stump grinding service will grind the stump down to a few inches below soil level. This will allow you to cover the stump with topsoil so that it is no longer a concern.

Speed: Digging out a tree stump can be a lengthy process. Even if you hire professionals who have access to things like cranes and digging equipment, you may have to spend days with an open hole on your property. But ignoring the stump is hardly any better. An untreated stump left on its own may take many years to even begin to break down. But once a tree stump grinding service gets to work on your leftover tree stump, the problem can be over in a matter of just a few minutes. Even relatively large stumps can be ground down fairly quickly, though they may take slightly longer than that to bury. 

Cost: Doing nothing about a tree stump is obviously free and costs nothing out of pocket. But if you don't want to deal with the hazard of an exposed stump, hiring a tree grinding service to take care of the stump is going to be your best option economically. Removing the stump can have a variety of hidden costs: purchasing or renting digging equipment, heavy chains, repairing an underground utility line if disturbing the roots damages the line, hauling in large amounts of new soil to fill the hole, and so on. Once you add up all of these costs, you'll likely discover that stump grinding is going to be the most affordable option.

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