Opossums Taking Over Your Attic and Property? Trim Your Trees

If you find opossums in your attic and rummaging around your property, you may wonder how you can do to get rid of them. Although opossums are nocturnal mammals that typically live outdoors, some opossums can enter and live in human structures, such as a garage or attic. If you have trees near your house or branches hanging over your home's roof, the pests can use them to enter your attic. [Read More]

A Primer For Keeping Your Palm Trees Healthy

When it comes to giving your yard a subtropical look, you cannot go wrong with planting palm trees. While the iconic plants thrive in warm climates, you can even grow some varieties of palm trees in hardiness zones where temperatures dip below freezing. If you have palm trees in the yard of a house you purchased or recently added the plants to your lawn, it is important to understand how to keep them healthy and manage common problems. [Read More]

Has A Spring Thunderstorm Uprooted Trees Around Your Home? What Should You Do?

If spring rains have left your property soggy and waterlogged while high storm winds blow through, you could at some point hear an intimidating crash as one or more trees gives way and falls. While your immediate reaction may be relief that your falling tree didn't hit your home or vehicle, you may now be facing a labor-intensive removal process. What should you do if a tree has fallen on your property without harming any surrounding structures? [Read More]