Taking Ticks To Termination Town

Ticks are nasty, disease-carrying little blood-sucking beasts. They are also able to fall down out of trees to find prey, and they breed in the trees as well. High grasses and weeds are not their only hiding spots; they especially love evergreens. If you have any or all of the above in your yard, you may be in a very bad place with ticks. Here is how to take the ticks to termination town, and make sure you, your family, and your pets do not become their next meal or living hosts for the diseases they carry.

Mow Down ALL Tall Grasses, Brush and Weeds

Ticks cannot fly, but they can definitely crawl quickly. In tall brush, weeds and grasses, they can move from one stalk to another simply by waiting for the right moment to move and crawling as they do. If you remove all of the above, ticks have nowhere to crawl, except on the ground where they can be easily crushed by your shoes.

Controlled Burning

You may also want to try controlled burning. Controlled burning involves your local fire department, since they will assist with the flames and putting everything out. The controlled burning technique not only removes all of the weeds, brush and tall grasses, but it also kills hundreds of ticks and their eggs or nymphs that may be hiding there. Controlled burning is only available in certain areas of the country, so you will have to contact your local fire department to see if this is an option for you.

Tick Spraying

Tick spraying is another option. A pest control company comes to your property and douses it with a chemical that kills all of the ticks and nymphs. They spray the grass, the trees, the foundation of your home and garage and any other areas where ticks like to hide out. The spraying is usually effective for at least a month, and is most efficient if used right during the high point of tick mating season.

Removing Evergreens

Ticks have a preference for the dark foliage of evergreens. It gives them more to cling to, and the dark coolness of the branches provides perfect cover in extremely hot weather. If you do not mind parting with your evergreen trees, you can have a tree removal company take them all down, grind them up and/or turn them into firewood. Just remember that if you choose to keep the firewood from these trees, you may be keeping several ticks too.

Speak with local tick control experts to learn more.