Is Your Tree Dying, And Can You Save It?

Trees bring color and life to your landscape. They usually provide shade, flowers, and fruits, as well as host a number of beautiful creatures. However, it is important to take care of the trees in your compound to prevent them from dying. Whenever you notice that your tree is dying, always call a tree removal services provider to determine whether it can be saved or permanently removed.

Signs of a Dying Tree

There are some signs that you need to look out for to determine whether the tree needs help. Some of the symptoms of a dying tree include:

  1. Poor tree structure – at times, a tree can lean to one side, or even have an odd shape as a result of unnatural growth patterns.

  2. Decay – it's a challenge to spot decays in trees since they develop from the inside. Visible signs include things like dead branches, mushrooms, and softwood.

  3. Weak joints – this is another sign of a dying tree, especially when the branches don't appear to be well attached to the tree.

  4. Cracks – these are very hard to diagnose since some are natural while others are not. However, look out for deep cracks since they are the ones that can harm your tree.

  5. Cankers – these are parts of dead bark and are caused by fungi/bacteria that can infect the tree after an open wound. Cankers can, however, be removed from the tree through pruning.

  6. Deadwood – signs of dead wood include things like dry branches that are easy to break.

Since you know the signs of a tree that is dying, now you should try to determine the what's causing the tree to die. It can be a challenge to determine what's causing the tree to die, but consulting a specialist can help you to know the root cause. However, the following things can help you to save a dying tree:

Proper Watering

Lack of moisture is one of the reasons that cause a tree to die. Trees can be negatively affected by excess or little water. Always make sure that the tree is well nourished for it to grow sturdy and healthy. Also, avoid over-watering the tree, and make sure that there is proper drainage around the tree.

Proper Mulching

Mulching helps in nourishing the soil surrounding the tree. However, it can harm the tree if you don't do it correctly. Avoid putting excess mulch around the base of the tree as it can cut air supply.

Proper Pruning

Appropriate pruning techniques can help you to save a dying tree. Whenever you notice dying areas around the tree, always ensure that you correctly remove them as this can help you to save the tree. Removing unhealthy branches can prevent the disease from spreading. Always use sanitized knives, saw, or shears while pruning. 

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