Protective Equipment Devices Needed For Tree Removal

If you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed, then you should be aware that tree removal is typically a dangerous job, especially if you are not a dedicated professional. While this is true, you can work to remove a tree as long as you are protecting yourself from injury, and there are a few different types of personal protective equipment that are essential to keeping yourself safe. Keep reading to learn a little bit about a few of them.


If you want to cut down a larger tree, then you will be working to trim away branches before the larger tree is felled. This means placing your hands at risk for punctures, cuts, scrapes, and vibration injuries. To reduce these risks, you will need to purchase and wear a good pair of work gloves. Keep in mind that the best gloves are ones that fit snug, so try some on if you are unsure about the size. Loose gloves will lead to grip problems, and they can get caught in tools and on branches.

Also, you want to look for gloves that offer protection against vibration, especially if you will be using a chainsaw for an extended period of time. Vibrations can make the hands feel numb, and this can lead to unsafe working conditions. Most anti-vibration gloves feature a bit of padding to dampen the sensations, and the gloves should also feature latex along the hands to help with grip.

Leather gloves are the best option to reduce puncture injuries, and you should also find gloves with tight closures along the wrist to keep them securely fastened to your hands.

Safety Glasses

Protection of the eyes is extremely important when completing tree work, and some professionals will use full face shields to keep themselves safe in the case of a broken chainsaw blade. This is an option if you want the added protection.

If you just want to protect your eyes, then you should wear full goggles. These will prevent debris from getting in your eyes. And, most goggles do have vents to prevent fogging. Just make sure you are buying protective goggles that are high-impact resistant in case a branch hits hard against your face.

If you want glasses instead of goggles, then make sure the lenses are wide and cover as much of the eyes as possible. Many of these glasses come in prescription options if this is a need and they do feature impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and frames.

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