3 Essential Aspects Of Tree Care That May Be Forgotten

Do you have a tree growing in your yard? Is the tree starting to look like it's seen better days? Many people are under the impression that once you plant a tree then that's all there is to it; nothing else is needed. But this is simply not the case. There are a number of things that a tree might need from you but that might currently be overlooked. You should consult with a professional to get information specific to your tree, but this article will address some of the most important things that may need to be done.

Watering: Once a tree has established itself, you might think that you can simply discontinue watering. If it is very rainy where you live, this may be the case. But many parts of the US go through dry spells during the summer. The most obvious toll will be on your lawn, but the lack of rain can also affect trees as well. Part of proper tree care is monitoring your tree's leaves for signs of distress. If they seem to be drooping or sagging more than usual, this may be due to a lack of water. A good deep watering session once a week or once every other week during a dry spell can help keep trees looking healthier and more vibrant.

Fertilizing: While a lot of trees will grow just fine wherever you plant them, this isn't always the case. For instance, decorative citrus trees often need special fertilizer once or twice a year in order for them to have the healthiest leaf growth. Without this fertilizer, trees may start to look sparse and half-dead. This effect isn't limited to citrus trees either. Many other types of trees can suffer the same fate. A tree care professional will help identify what, if any, fertilizer might be needed to get your tree looking beautiful once again.

Pruning: It may seem strange to say you should trim a tree back to get it to grow bigger, but this is often the case. An extremely important part of tree care, pruning and trimming a tree removes branches that are dead, dying, crowded, or diseased. Removing these bad limbs improves the health of the tree as a whole, allowing it to grow stronger and even bigger in the long run. If it's been a while since your tree was pruned, the first session might leave it looking a little bare at first, but the improved health and increased growth will quickly more than make up for this sparseness. 

For more information, contact local tree care services