What To Do If You Have A Sick Tree Near Your House

Trees that are not healthy can become a problem if they are near your house, power lines, or another structure on your property. If you have a tree that you suspect is dying, it is essential to have someone check it out. Most tree removal services have arborists on staff that can look at your tree and recommend a course of action.

Signs A Tree Is Not Healthy

There are some things to look for when you suspect a problem with a tree on your property. One of the most apparent issues is dead branches covering a large percentage of the tree or on one side of the trunk.

In addition, if more than half the leaves have fallen from the tree, and the canopy is bare, there is very likely a problem with the tree that needs addressing. A tree in this condition near your house or other items on the property could fall and cause damage, and often the best way to resolve the issue is to have a tree removal service cut the tree before it becomes a problem. 

Removing The Tree Safely

When the tree removal service arrives to cut down the tree, it is essential that they assess the area around the tree to determine the best way to remove it safely. Cutting the tree and letting it fall is seldom the best way to remove a tree, so careful planning is vital to ensure nothing is damaged when removing the tree.

It is typical for the tree removal service to cut the tree in sections, starting at the top and working their way down. The sections are secured to a small truck amounted crane so they do not fall when cut. 

The sections are carefully lowered to the ground, where they are cut into smaller pieces and then either left for the property owner or removed by the tree service. Once the entire tree is down, the branches are run through a chipper to clean up the area, and the tree service will haul the chips away with them. 

Stump Removal

After the tree removal service has removed the tree, you will need to hire a stump removal service to grind the stump out of the ground for you. Many people have the stump grinder leave the chips from the stump in the hole left behind as fill. 

The chips will rot and compost over time, filling the hole with healthy soil that can be used to plant in again or leveled out and seeded over with grass. Once the stump is gone, you can use that part of the yard like any other area or put in some flowers, a bush, or replace the dead tree with a new, healthy sapling. For more information, contact a tree removal service