How The Tree Removal Process Works

Even though trees are desirable features for your yard, there are times when it's necessary to remove a tree. A tree that's old, weak, sick, or damaged could be a hazard. Plus, trees are simply in the way sometimes. Maybe whoever planted the tree didn't realize it would get so tall or grow toward the roof. A tree removal company can remove a tree from your yard no matter how large or small it is. Here's how tree removal works.

Get A Permit If Needed

You might need a permit for tree removal depending on local regulations. The location, size, and species of the tree could affect whether you need a permit. The tree removal company might offer advice, but you could also call your codes office. They may want to check the tree to okay the removal before work begins.

Get A Quote For The Work

Several factors determine the cost of tree removal. The height, diameter, and type of tree matter. Some trees have harder wood than others and are more difficult to saw through. The location of the tree affects costs since trees out in the open are easier to cut down than trees that are up against a garage.

Also, stump removal is often a separate fee as it is an optional service. However, getting rid of the stump at the same time you get rid of the tree is usually a good idea.

Make Room For The Equipment And Crew

You may not need to be home for the job to be done, but you'll want to make room for all the equipment and crew to work. That includes giving access to your backyard if needed and moving things from under the tree so the company can establish a fall zone.

Tree removal is often done from the top down. The crew may start by cutting off branches and limbs. Then they can cut away the trunk a bit at a time. The pieces might fall to the ground or they may be held with a crane so they can be transferred to a truck.

The crew might need to bring a chipper truck, logging truck, or a dump truck to your property as well as a crane. They'll also use a variety of tools to bring down the tree. Although they'll need plenty of room to work, the tree removal company can bring down trees that are close to your house or that are growing into power lines. However, the power company has to disconnect power from the service line before the work on trees that touch the lines can begin.

For more information, contact a tree removal service in your area.