Mistakes To Avoid When Landscaping Your Residential Property

DIY residential landscaping has become a hobby for many people. As such, it's not uncommon for folks to try new things when landscaping their yards. Unfortunately, DIY landscaping doesn't always go well. Most starters will make some costly mistakes. Luckily, this piece will highlight the common mistakes you should steer away from. 

Cutting Your Grass Too Short

Having a neat lawn does not necessarily mean you should cut the grass too short. Doing so will have dire consequences on your lawn. The lawn might look neat and beautiful, but for a short time. This mistake puts a lot of stress on the yard. And since the grass will have less surface area, photosynthesis will hardly occur. That is why leaf and root development become impossible. 

So, instead of taking a gamble with your turf, why don't you hire a residential landscape service to help take care of your lawn?

Choosing the Wrong Plants

As much as you want to be creative or unique, you should not pick the wrong plants. Consider using native plants because the climate allows them to thrive. Unfortunately, some folks introduce invasive species on their properties, but that is never a good idea.

Some invasive species are hard to contain and will spread all over your property within a short time. Getting rid of such species can prove difficult as well. That said, stick to native plant species.

Failing to Plan

The chances of success always diminish when you fail to plan. Things are no different for residential landscaping. To achieve good and harmonious results, you must have an articulate plan. Don't just jump into mowing your grass or making pathways, patios, and water features without a plan. 

In most cases, you will achieve substandard results. And since you might not know how to draw a layout and incorporate your ideas, you should leave the task to the professionals. They will help you choose a color palette and prioritize the various features.

Overlooking Maintenance

Most people forget that they need to maintain their yards or gardens. As such, you must ensure that your landscaping design doesn't require too much maintenance. But if it does, ensure you have enough time for maintenance. Overlooking maintenance will ruin your excellent work during the designing phase.

Other mistakes you ought to be wary of are:

  • Neglecting curb appeal
  • Planting too deeply
  • Forgetting about drainage
  • Planting too close to your house
  • Not hiring professional landscapers

For more information about landscaping, contact a local service provider.