4 Reasons To Remove A Tree That Is Next To Your Home

If you have a tree in your yard that is too close to your property, then you might need to remove it. Large trees can be a particular problem here. They can grow big enough to cause damage or to become a hazard.

When might you need to remove a tree that stands close to your home?

1. You Have Structural Root Problems

If a tree stands close to a property, then its roots might grow towards the structure. This can cause some infrastructural damage.

For example, tree roots can grow under your foundations. They can push them out of position or even break them. They can grow under driveways and paths in your yard and damage them.

Roots are also attracted to plumbing and waste pipes, many of which sit close to your property. The roots gravitate towards moisture and can even break pipes and grow into them. This causes blockages you'll have to pay to repair.

2. You Have Roof Problems

If your tree's branches hang over the top of your house, then it is likely to give you some problems on your roof. Falling branches can damage roofs; tree sap can stick to the surface and make it look unsightly.

Plus, leaves will give you a headache. If they fall into your gutters, then they might create blockages. These blockages can also transfer moisture on to parts of your roofing system where it can cause some damage.

3. You've Had Problems With Pests

Trees near houses give insects and animals a direct route on to properties. If insects or animals can get on to your roof, then they have a better chance of moving into your home. You might have to call out a pest control contractor to deal with the problem.

Plus, birds will perch and even nest in overhanging branches. They will cover parts of your roof with their droppings. These droppings are acidic. They don't just make your roof look bad; they can also damage its materials.

4. Your Tree Isn't Healthy

If you have an unhealthy tree next to your home, then it is a serious safety hazard. If its branches fall, then they could damage your home and anyone who is unlucky enough to be under the tree when a branch breaks.

If a tree is in poor health, then it is more likely to fall. If you have a heavy storm, then the whole tree could fall on your home. This will cause a lot of damage.

If you're worried about a tree in your yard and the harm it might cause, then contact tree removal services.

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