Has A Spring Thunderstorm Uprooted Trees Around Your Home? What Should You Do?

If spring rains have left your property soggy and waterlogged while high storm winds blow through, you could at some point hear an intimidating crash as one or more trees gives way and falls. While your immediate reaction may be relief that your falling tree didn't hit your home or vehicle, you may now be facing a labor-intensive removal process. What should you do if a tree has fallen on your property without harming any surrounding structures? [Read More]

The New Homeowner's Guide To Seasonal Tree Care

Lush, green trees add more than just visual interest to residential properties. In many cases, they offer cooling shade from the sun, or when planted as a windbreak, they can create a protective zone to buffer the home from harsh winds and weather. Some varieties even offer a tasty bonus by providing food in the form of nuts or fruit. Left unattended, however, trees can experience uneven growth, insect infestations or damage that can affect their overall health and leave them looking shaggy and unattractive. [Read More]

2 Things You Need To Do Before Having That Tree Removed

Do you have a vision for your yard? If you do, and there is a giant tree in the way, it might be hard to resist grabbing a chainsaw and taking care of business. Unfortunately, haphazardly removing a tree might have some lasting consequences, even if you have someone else do the job. Here are two things you need to do before having a tree removed, and why your actions will pay off down the road: [Read More]