Want To Enjoy Discreet Protection? Plant Trees With Thorns Around Your Home

Investing in a security system that includes surveillance cameras, window alarms, and door alarms is an option when you want to increase security on your property. You may have already gone through these steps and may feel rather confident about the quality of protection on your property. But, there are many ways that you can go about increasing the security even more, such as planting thorny trees. While trees can help people with breaking in, getting tree service will help you choose the right spots and species.

Prioritize the Weak Points

It is likely for there to be some weak points on your property in terms of protection. A fence may not fully extend around your home, but you can easily fill in the gap by planting a hawthorn tree. Five-inch thorns is not something that people will see when they are trying to move around your property at night. So, enticing a possible criminal to walk by the tree can lead to them getting snagged by a thorn.

Protect the Windows

Another thing that you should consider doing is protecting the windows on your property. While you may not want to grow an enormous tree right outside each window, you can choose smaller ones. It depends on where you live, but it may be an option to grow parsley hawthorn trees. Since it is possible for these trees to grow without thorns, you want to start from a sapling that has already shown signs of thorns. You do not need to plant this kind of tree too close to the house because it is wide-spreading and the branches that extend close to the windows will do an excellent job of protecting your home from burglars.

Plant Outside the Fence

Having a large property with a fence might lead to some space outside of the fence that you can grow on. A tree without thorns might just help someone get over the fence by climbing thick branches. Adding a thorny tree to this area will stop a person as soon as they start climbing and get hit by the thorns. This should give you enough confidence to grow trees outside that add both beauty and protection.

It is easy to see how certain trees can help a burglar who is trying to get into your home, but hiring a tree service company like Todd's Tree Service Inc and deciding on thorny trees will only increase your property's level of security.