Up, Down, And Side-To-Side: 3 Vertical And Horizontal Wood Privacy Fence Projects For Your Landscaping

You want to go out and enjoy your backyard in privacy without the entire neighborhood watching. Wood fencing projects will give you the additional privacy you want for your landscaping design. The fencing can be used as privacy screens in strategic areas to give you outdoor space where you do not have to worry about neighbors watching you. Here are some great vertical and horizontal wood fence designs for adding privacy to your home:

Louvered Look and Less Cost with Slightly Sloped Designs

An elegant look for your privacy fences is going to be easy to achieve with a louvered design. Louvered styles work best with a horizontal solution, and the angle of the louver facing down and outward. If you want to have a louvered look for a vertical installation, install the boards in a V-pattern instead, which will give you a similar look without compromising too much privacy. 

Flat, and Even for Clean, Straight and A Modern Designs

For a modern design, you may want to have a fence or privacy screen that is flat and has straight lines. For horizontal designs, start with a level board at the top of the posts and work your way down carefully to ensure each board is tight against the one above it. Fasten all the boards to one side of the fence, which should be the side you see. For a vertical design, do the same as you would with horizontal designs, but install horizontal nailers or rails between posts. Cut the tops of boards off in an even straight line with a circular saw.

Staggered Solutions for Bold Texture Without Compromising Privacy

If you want something bigger, with bold textures and attractive design, there are several staggered fencing patterns. Using basket weave patterns, your privacy fence project can have and interesting and unique design. Weaved patterns are more difficult and something you will want professional help with. To create weaved patterns, you will need a flexible material. Thinner strips of lattice and composite decking are good choices for flexible materials that can easily be bent into shape to create more decorative patterns.

With a good privacy fence designs, your outdoor space will be your own private paradise where you can enjoy nature and the outdoors without prying eyes. Contact a timber company like H & H Timber Company INC. to get bulk pricing on the materials you need for these projects. If they have too much inventory of certain products, sometimes you will be able to get a good price so they can get it out of their lumber yard.