Why These Types Of Tree Should Only Be Removed By Professionals

DIY tree service can save you money, but only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you can end up wasting resources and even causing injuries and damages. Some tree services are more dangerous than others and should be left to the professionals. Here are a few examples of such services, and why they are dangerous:

Weak Trees

Removing a weak tree is dangerous because you can't predict when, how or where it will fall. With a healthy tree, you can be sure that it will not fall before you make a deep cut on the main trunk. With a weak tree, even a small cut can cause it to fall, especially if a little wind is blowing. In some cases, the top of the tree can topple over when you begin cutting it. Therefore, is a tree looks unhealthy (think damaged barks, rotten bark, discolored leaves etc.); leave its removal up to the professionals. 

Trees That You Have To Climb

Trimming or removing a tree is a dangerous job. However, if you have some experience with the removal tools (such as chainsaw), you may save some money by engaging in DIY trimming or removal, if you can do all the work from the ground. anything that you can't do from the ground should be left to the professionals. For example, if you need to remove a tree branch that is dozens of feet off the ground, call a tree service professional; the risk of falling is just too great and the consequences can be dire.

Trees That May Cause Damage

Lastly, you should also think twice before removing a tree surrounded by delicate, dangerous expensive infrastructure that the tree can damage. For example, DIY tree removal isn't advisable if there is a house or power line nearby on which the tree can fall. Such trees are best removed by professionals who know how to secure them and where to make the cuts such that the trees don't cause injury or damage. For example, a big tree sandwiched between two neighboring houses can be removed limb by limb or piece by piece, something that only the professionals can do.

Hopefully, you won't engage in any project (involving a tree) that can cause you injury or damage property. Always analyze your level of skills, experience, and the danger of a project before going the DIY route; leave the really dangerous or complicated ones to professional tree companies, such as Tree Worx.