Options For Maintaining Trees That Are Near Your House

Trees growing near your house can provide you with much-needed shade in the summer, but the trees can also turn into a nuisance if you don't have them maintained properly. The branches can brush against your roof or provide paths for insects and rodents to get in your attic. Problems like these can usually be avoided with occasional tree service. Here are some types of maintenance you may want to have done:

Train The Trees When They're Young

A tree service can get your trees growing in the right direction when they are young by pruning off problem limbs and branches. Then, as the tree grows, the branches will grow up and away from your roof rather than growing into it. It's much easier to prune trees when they're small and light, so you should start thinking about training your trees once they've become established and healthy.

Trim Problem Branches

If your trees are already mature, then you'll need to trim them to keep the new growth away from your roof. Allow plenty of space between the branches and your roof so heavy wind won't drive them against your shingles. Talk to a tree service about having your trees raised. This entails removing lower limbs so all the bushy growth is high above your roof where it won't cause problems or create paths for rodents. Also, keep an eye for problem limbs. If a large limb hangs over your roof, it could be a hazard if struck by lightning or if the limb splits off in a heavy storm. Consider having big limbs cut away from your roof, especially if the limb makes the tree lopsided and at risk of toppling.

Thin The Branches

Shade is nice, but too much shade can encourage algae to grow on your roof, driveway, and siding. One solution could be to have the branches thinned on the inside of the tree. This allows partial sun to filter to your roof and to the ground. The tree trunk and inner leaves will get more sun too, so this could even make your tree healthier. You'll still have shade, but your yard will be brighter with additional sunlight coming through.

Sometimes, trees can turn into a problem when they are close to your house and they need to be cut down. If you have a tree cut down that is close to your home, be sure to have the stump removed as well so it doesn't attract termites, carpenter ants, or other pests to your house.