Yard-Related Topics To Cover When You Arrange For The Removal Of A Tree Stump

Hiring a tree removal service to take care of an unsightly stump in your yard can quickly transform the look of your yard. Instead of the jagged, rotting stump poking up out of the grass and leaving you with annoying obstacle when you're mowing the lawn, the stump will be ground down until it's below the grade of your property, eliminating it from sight and allowing you to grow a patch of grass where the stump once stood. When you're hiring a tree service for this task, there will be several things to discuss, including these topics.

Contacting Utilities Companies

Depending on the layout of your yard, the crew using the stump grinder may need to go several inches deep into the ground to give the project a smooth finish. Anytime digging in a residential yard occurs, there's a danger of making contact with buried utilities, whether it's a power line, a sewer line, or a natural gas line. You should always consult the tree service about whether the local utilities companies will need to be contacted prior to the stump removal. If so, confirm who will make the call — and make sure to do it well in advance so that a utilities company rep can visit your yard to assess the situation.

Project Cleanup

Grinding a stump can make a considerable mess. Before the grinder is fired up, the crew will use shovels to dig around the stump so that it can be accessed with the grinder. It's a smart idea to consult the tree service to determine what cleanup will be included in the job. Remember, you're hiring the tree service specifically to remove your stump for you. Some tree services will fill in the hole with earth, while others will leave you to do this cleanup yourself. Checking this detail in advance will leave you with no surprises when the job is completed.

Access To Area

You'll typically find that tree services have multiple sizes of stump grinders that they can use. You'll want to assess how much space there is between the driveway of your home and the stump that you need to have removed so that you can relay this information to the tree service. For example, if you have a fence with a narrow gate, the tree service will need to take its smaller grinder for the job. The last thing you want is to fail to explain this situation and have the tree service crew unable to get a large grinder to the project site.

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