3 Ways To Deal With Tree Stumps In Your Yard

If you recently cut down some trees and have some tree stumps left over, you need to decide what you want to do with your tree stumps. You can have the stumps ground down, cut the stump down to the ground, or incorporate the stump into your yard.

Grind The Stump Down

The most effective way for getting rid of a tree stump in your yard is to hire someone to grind down the stump. Many companies that cut down trees also offer stump grinding services. There are also companies that offer stand-alone stump grinding services.

When you have a stump that is ground down, a portable machine is brought in. This machine grinds up the visible part of the stump that you can see above ground. The machine also grinds up the stump underground as well. This allows all the parts of the stump to be ground up, which should prevent the tree from trying to re-grow in the same spot.

Grinding up the stump will result in a big pile of sawdust or wood chips. You can incorporate dirt and fertilizer into the saw dust to turn the area where your stump was removed into a viable part of your yard again.

Cut The Stump Down to The Ground

If you are not trying to reclaim the area where the tree stood, you can cut the stump down to the ground. You can use a chain saw to do this. This will reduce the safety risk of having a stump sticking out in your yard.

Once you cut the stump down to the ground, you have a few options. You can let the stump naturally decay over time. Or you can work on digging the stump out over time. If you choose to dig the stump out over time, you may need to use an ax to cut down the roots.

Incorporate The Stump into Your Yard

Third, you can incorporate the stump into your yard. You can drill holes into the top of the stump and plant flowers or vines so that they grow out of the stump. Be sure to plant other pretty plants around the stump as well.

Or you can use the stump as a holder of sorts, putting a bird bath on top of it or putting flower pots on top of it. This works well if the top of the stump is nice and flat.

If you have some left over stumps in your yard from having trees removed, the best way to reclaim the space is to have the stump ground down. Alternatively, you could cut the stump down and manually dig it out over time, although this can be a very laborious process. Or you can incorporate the stump into your yard, allowing it to break down over time. 

Contact a company like County Tree Service for help removing trees and deciding what to do with the stump.