4 Steps For Taking Care Of Established Trees In Your Yard This Spring

Even established trees in your yard need a little care and attention every once in a while. If you want the established trees in your yard to continue to look great, you need to make sure that you are providing them with the care and attention that they need.

Rake Up Under Them

The first thing that you should do is rake up under your trees. All of the fallen leaves under your trees could harbor bacteria and diseases that could harm your tree. Reduce the risk of disease to your tree by raking up all the leaves and other matter that is located under your tree.

Pull Up the Weeds

Weeds know that trees get watered, so they like to grow around the base of your tree. Even small weeds can compete with your tree for water and resources. Pull up and remove all the weeds that are growing under your tree and taking away from its water supply.

Fertilize Your Tree

Next, make sure that you help ensure that your trees get the nutrients that they need. At least once a year, you should apply fertilizer to your trees. When you apply fertilizer, make sure that you don't just put the fertilizer right next to the trunk of your tree. Instead, apply fertilizer around the entire root base of your tree so that all of your tree's roots are able to access the fertilizer that you put down. Use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and is specifically designed for trees and shrubs.

Protect the Root Base

You want to protect the root base for your trees as well. You don't want the root base to get damaged or trampled one. One way to protect the trees root base is by putting wood chips over the root base. Just keep in mind that with wood chips you are going to want to rake and fluff them up a couple of times a year and you will need to replenish the wood chips as they decompose.

You can also put down small gravel over the root base of your trees. This will help protect the roots from damage, and require a little less maintenance than wood chips.

Treat the established trees right on your property this spring. Rake up the debris that is under them, pull up and remove the weeds, give them some fertilizer and protect their root base. To learn more, contact a business in your area that offers tree service