Three Diseases Found In Trees In The United States

Owning a property is a lot of work. You want to do as much as possible to make sure everything looks good. That doesn't just include the interior and exterior of the home. You can't neglect the landscape, like the trees or bushes. It's often the first thing that people will notice when they pull up to your property.

In order to keep the landscape looking good, you will need to take special care of it. You may not realize that trees or bushes can fall prey to various diseases that will weaken and even kill the trees. Learn the signs of disease so you can keep your trees as healthy as possible.

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is a disease that targets oak trees throughout the United States. It is not known to be found in any other countries. The disease causes the tree to wilt and eventually die. The symptoms of this disease are:

  • Wilted leaves
  • Discoloration of leaves
  • Upper branches of the tree dying
  • Leaf drop

There is no cure for this disease. The only way to protect your oaks is to practice prevention measures. Fungicide injections are a great way to prevent wilt. If any of your oaks show signs of the disease, you need to remove the tree immediately. Failure to do so will cause the disease to spread to other oaks on your property.

American Chestnut Blight

American Chestnut Blick is another disease that is found in the United States. It is a fungal disease that attacks chestnut trees. Like the oak wilt, there is no cure. The symptoms for chestnut blight are:

  • Reddish colored bark patches
  • Brown and withered leaves

Eventually, the disease causes the tree to die. Since it is spread from tree to tree by insects or rain, it is important to remove any infected trees once they start showing signs of the disease.

Dutch Elm Disease

Another tree disease found in the United States is Dutch Elm disease. It is found in elm trees and has killed off much of the elm population. The symptoms are:

  • Wilted and yellow leaves
  • Dark, discolored streaks on branches

Death is the end result of this disease. Like the other diseases, it is important to remove all infected trees immediately.


By knowing the signs of infected trees, you can prevent others from getting infected. Rain, birds, insects, and many other things can cause the disease to travel from tree to tree. If you need assistance in removing infected trees, you can contact a tree and shrub care company in your area who will help you with the matter.