Tips For Completely Removing A Tree From Your Yard

Do you have a tree that you want to remove from your yard that is a bit on the small side? If so, you may be able to take on this task on your own. Follow these tips for advice on how to completely remove a tree from your property

Evaluate The Area

Start by looking at where the tree is located and what is surrounding the tree that could be a hazard. Will the tree potentially fall and hit your home, a power line, or someone else's property? If so, then consider leaving this job to a professional tree removal service. 

Determine The Fall Direction

You'll need to figure out what direction you want the tree to fall, since that will determine how you make the cuts in the trunk of the tree. You will essentially cut a triangle into the tree's trunk so that falls in the angle of the cut. 

Cut The Tree

Start by making the first cut in a downward angle on the side the tree will fall. This could should be at a 70-degree angle and extend to a quarter of the tree's width. Then, you will make a second sideways cut that is completely horizontal, which reaches the bottom of the downward cut that you just made. The third and final cut will be on the opposite side of the tree, with it also being horizontal like the second cut. This third cut will be slightly higher than the second cut.

Continue making the third cut until the tree starts to fall, making sure not to cut completely through the trunk. You will want the weight of the tree to force the tree to fall in the direction that you want. When the tree starts to fall, move in the opposite direction of the tree's path as it comes down.

You can now proceed to cut the tree into smaller pieces that are easy to remove from your yard

Grind The Stump

The stump will still remain in the ground unless you use a special tool to remove it. Thankfully, you can rent a stump grinder from a local home improvement store to get rid of it. You'll need to trim the stump so it is very close to the ground, and dig up rocks and other debris around the stump. The stump will not be ready to be removed, so be sure to follow the directions on how to use your specific stump grinder.