Annual Landscape Maintenance Services For Dry Lawns

When your lawn is dry, the solution seems pretty clear: water it more often. Obviously, this will help keep your lawn more moist, and it will help your grass grow thicker and stronger. However, there are other things you can do to better maintain a dry lawn. Here are a few landscape maintenance services to consider scheduling for your lawn.


Having your lawn aerated once a year will go a long way towards keeping it more moist. Aeration is basically poking a lot of holes into the lawn. The holes go through the top layer of the soil and into the slightly deeper layer where the grassroots are prominent. When you water a lawn that has been aerated, the water seeps down into these little holes, which keeps the soil moist for longer between watering sessions. Most landscaping companies offer aeration. They have aeration rollers that attach to the back of a tractor, so they can aerate a lawn pretty quickly. Ideally, you should have this service performed in the spring so you can make the most of those spring showers.


When your lawn is known to be dry, more grass blades are likely to die over the season when water is scarce for a day or two. So, overseeding the lawn can help ensure the grass stays denser. Overseeding is just scattering more grass seed over the already-planted lawn. You can do it early in the spring or late in the fall. After overseeding, you will need to water the lawn daily for about a week until the new grass seeds germinate. Many people have landscaping companies come to overseed their lawns because it's easier to do with a mechanical spreader. They can often do this at the same time they come to aerate the lawn.


Rolling the lawn is basically having a landscaper drive over it with a big, heavy roller. This flattens the lawn and removes any bumps and ridges. While lawns with softer, moister soil also need to be rolled, rolling has a unique purpose for dry lawns. It helps ensure that when you water the lawn, the water gets distributed evenly, rather than pooling in any little valleys that have formed. Rolling is usually easiest in the spring, but you can really have it done any time of year.

With rolling, aeration, and overseeding just once a year, you can keep your dry lawn healthier and denser.