Top 4 Signs You Need To Call A Tree Trimming Expert—Now!

Trees are a thing of beauty. But like everything else, a little care and maintenance are needed to maintain their elegance and top shape. One of the most effective ways of taking care of your trees is through tree trimming services. Unfortunately, you may not know when tree trimming is needed if you're not a professional tree caregiver. Don't worry—here are four surefire signs it's time to call a tree trimming expert. 

Visible Signs of Disease

Like all living things, trees do fall prey to various diseases from time to time. Some common disease signs include discolored leaves, grayish growths, black shoots, lesions, and peeling barks. The good news is that removing the diseased branches and leaves can help get rid of the disease. With time, new and healthy branches will grow to replace the old ones. 

Tree Is Too Large

Your tree may grow too large for your yard. Perhaps some of its branches are interfering with nearby power lines. Or the branches are blocking pathways on your property. Or maybe the branches are crossing over each other, thus damaging the bark and weakening the tree. 

Whatever the case is, the overgrowing branches need to be removed before any damage has occurred. A professional tree caregiver will remove the overgrowing branches without compromising the tree's health or the safety of your property. 

Wrong Growth

Normally, a tree should grow towards the sun. But sometimes, trees grow outwards, especially when planted in wide and open spaces. When this happens, a tree develops a weird shape and may not be pleasing to the eye. Besides, it may develop long, heavy branches that are susceptible to collapse in case of a storm or heavy snow. 

Luckily, trimming can help restore your tree to normal growth. The arborist removes the branches growing outwards to allow the growth and development of the ones growing upwards. This not only restores the aesthetic beauty of the tree but also protects your loved ones and property from the danger of falling branches. 

Visible Damage

A natural occurrence like a storm or flood may lead to broken limbs and falling branches. These broken limbs and branches could snap and fall on your house or car, wreaking extensive havoc. 

It's advisable to call an arborist for tree inspection after a natural catastrophe to determine the damage caused. Sometimes, the damage is internal and not visible to an untrained eye. Removing the weakened limbs and branches eliminates the safety hazards and reestablishes the stability of your trees.