Three Tips For Trimming The Silver Maple Tree In Your Yard

While you may enjoy the shade the silver maple tree in your yard provides, you may decide you need to trim it back to keep its rapid growth from taking over. If so, use the following three tips for trimming the silver maple tree on your property without damaging it. Trim When Dormant To Prevent Bleeding When you cut branches off of a silver maple tree while it is actively growing, the sap rises to the area where you cut and spills out onto the trunk. [Read More]

Taking Ticks To Termination Town

Ticks are nasty, disease-carrying little blood-sucking beasts. They are also able to fall down out of trees to find prey, and they breed in the trees as well. High grasses and weeds are not their only hiding spots; they especially love evergreens. If you have any or all of the above in your yard, you may be in a very bad place with ticks. Here is how to take the ticks to termination town, and make sure you, your family, and your pets do not become their next meal or living hosts for the diseases they carry. [Read More]

Have Wood Eating Pests In The House And Trees? Call These Experts

If you have a pest problem throughout the house, you'll want go outside and start inspecting your trees, to see if your trees are part of the problem. There are a few different professionals you'll want to consult in order to deal with the issues that you have, and so you can get rid of the pests, wherever they are coming from. To protect your home and prevent damages in the future, you want to talk with a pest control company, a tree service provider, and a professional cleaning company. [Read More]

Spring And Summer Pruning For Flowering Trees

Most trees are pruned in the winter when they are dormant. There are, however, certain flowering trees that need pruning during the spring and summer months. Pruning to Promote Flowering Pruning flowering trees can help promote better and more abundant flowers. Pruning too early or too late can cut away this year's flowering wood. Of course, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice flowering and do a more drastic pruning, such as to save a diseased or damaged tree. [Read More]